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" I may be small, but I live large every day. "

Ernie, Assistant Mobile Operator

         (Jack Russell Terrier mix)

  New DC Distribution System

The DC distribution system for the shack is nearly complete. All items have been equipped with PowerPole connectors, and a West Mountain Radio RigRunner 4008 fan-out. The power supply is an Alinco DM-330MV, my current favorite for a switching supply. Coming soon: a gadget from West Mountain Radio to automatically switch from the supply to a storage battery (Optima yellow-top 50AH) during a power failure.

  Kudos to 4SQRP Group

The Four State QRP Group has launched a service which offers kitbuilding services to hams with physical limitations. The Group has six QRP kits presently available. This exemplifies the best of ham radio spirit.


I'm honored to be among the volunteer kit builders.

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                     AMATEUR RADIO KJ3P

Station News


New Amplifier

An Elecraft KPA500 (built from kit) has been added, and is in daily use. This excellent solid-state amp has no tuning controls, and automatically switches to the correct band.


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